Dear IEEE VISSOFT attendees, Thank you for registering to attend VISSOFT 2020. We look forward to seeing you online during 28-29 September. VISSOFT will now be a virtual conference. Please take a moment to review the information and pointers below. Note that this document will continue to be updated once more information is received.


Please read the Code of Conduct which you must abide by at all times during the conference.

Program Schedule

Please see the full conference program schedule here:

Virtual Conference Platform

  • The conference will take place on the Clowdr platform see:
  • If you have registered for the conference you will have received an email to login to the Clowdr platform.
  • Once you login then to access the conference room select from the top menu "Sessions" -> "Live Sessions" -> "Conference Room | Zoom Room" -> click "Enter"
  • Here is an introductory video about Clowdr from the developers for the ICSE conference.

Note we are also using Slack for conversations. Clowdr uses Zoom for video and Twilio for chat. We will also use break out rooms for discussion.


To facilitate online discussions and Q&A, we have created an VISSOFT 2020 Slack channel:

Invitation to join VISSOFT 2020 slack channel:


If you are presenting please make sure you are in the main conference room 10 mins before your talk.
  • Full papers: 15 mins + 5 mins for questions
  • NIER/TD papers: 8 mins + 2 mins for questions
  • Papers are presented as Live presentations. However, some authors may have problems presenting live and so can prerecord their talks and then play them during the presentation slot. If you are prerecording your talk please let your session chair know.
  • We will record the talks and upload the recordings with consent to a VISSOFT YouTube channel, details to be confirmed. There will be options to opt out from having your recording online. Consent forms will need to be signed.
  • Note: here is a guide on how to deliver a remote presentation: "A Remote Video Presentation Guide"

Session Chairs

  • Carefully read the Code of Conduct below.
  • Read the papers presented in your session to prepare for Q&A or discussion.
  • Please arrive 10 mins early into the main conference room to welcome presenters.
  • As attendees arrive, welcome them to the session.
  • Set a timer 3 minutes before the session to remember to end it.
  • Ensure the session starts on time.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Introduce the presenters.
  • Remind the audience to use the chat system for Q&A.
  • While the presentation plays, monitor the Q&A.
  • After the presentation, if there are no Q&A, ask a question.
  • End on time, remind attendees about the break and next session.


There will be breaks after each session which attendees can ask further questions to presenters or hang out in the main conference room. Or take an actual break!


The conference proceedings are available online and will be in due course available on IEEE Xplore too: